Friday, May 20, 2005

My Google launched, Analysis

If you didn’t believe me back then (when I talked about Google's WebOS) I hope you do now, Google has started stitching scattered services and grouping them into something very simple, very useful that you will have a very hard time ignoring it and not using it.

In a move similar to what Yahoo has done with My Yahoo, Google Labs has started offering customized Google home page with a search box at the top, how customized you ask? At the moment not very much, you get to chose between those items:
Gmail Messages, Stock market updates, New York Times, BBC News, Google News, Weather, Wired News, Slashdot, Movies, Driving Information and Quote of the Day + Word of the Day.

IMO this is an excellent selection of items as a start of course, because what this service really needs is Universal RSS Support so that you can choose whatever feeds you usually follow and have it delivered directly to your Google’s homepage, and we’re in luck as full RSS support is only 1-2 months away according to Marissa Mayer.

Strangely Google named this service” Google Personalized Homepage”, when a name like My Google seems a lot more appropriate and well understood among Internet Users (My Yahoo,…), probably they’ll change the name upon official release.

Why this step is very important?
Because 50% of the Internet population uses Google as the default search engine, and more than half of them use it as their homepage, so when you open your browser page instead of being greeted by Google’s normal search box you’ll be updated on everything you want, and later maybe Google will add buttons and links for every other common action on the web, so tell me with all this functionality, simplicity why would you leave Google’s homepage? Why would you ever think of using other services? And is there any need for other competing Companies? I hope you understand what I mean.

“It's part of a strategic initiative we refer to as 'fusion' to bring together Google functionality, and content from across the web, in useful ways”

Is this a bad thing? I’m not sure, it brings much needed functionality to you so easily, so the usual consumer couldn’t be happier than that, and from a consumer viewpoint I liked the interface since I use Google as my homepage, and when they add RSS support and other functionality this service will be simply irresistible.

But companies should be scared, very scared, especially the ones that offer services competing with Google’s recent services or upcoming ones, like RSS reader companies (Bloglines, Newsgator) Email services(Yahoo, MSN), Search Engines(Yahoo, MSN, ASK Jeeves) Shopper Sites and many more.

Google obviously is not gonna stop at this, soon they’ll bring other functionality to the “My Google” service like maybe Picture-Audio-Video uploading, Blogging, Shopper suggestions and maybe Instant Messaging later, and when the time is right they’ll start serving you Ads customized to your interests and start making money, a lot of money.

Google’s Goal is to have a Unified Interface (Portal) for all your Web needs, and they are working towards it very quickly.

Google Web dominance Plan is underway, be warned.

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Blogger Majd said...

interesting ..
They are great in fact..
they are like great china or indea who is stealing the market from Europe and America. ..
hay by the way see
it is a remarkable and good search engine which I like besides google of course

7:19 PM  
Blogger Baher said...

A9 is Amazon's take on search, it's fairly good but nothing that threatens the big players (Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask Jeeves).

7:46 PM  
Anonymous JadedTLC said...

I believe in competition. And Google is becoming Microsoft in a minute. That perturbs me. More annoyingly, is that any goodwill feelings I had for Google are definitely muting. I understand making money; even making smart money. But, I also think that competition fosters creativity. -- I plead to all consumers. It's very VERY dangerous when ONE company knows about you. Knows alot about you. What if the US government wants to know something about you in a "red herring" "terrorist" search. You want them bringing a warrant to Google's doorstep??

1:21 AM  
Blogger Baher said...

Google Actions is justified, as it's an IPO company and it needs to make more money or its directors will be replaced.

But it's no longer the small loved company that it once was, and sooner or later it'll start acting as Microsoft, as in using their power to destroy competition (WebOS).

And you're very right about privacy concerns, becasue no matter how much Google assured your privacy, you just can't guarantee they stay that way.

10:11 AM  
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