Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Google Web Accelerator Halted

Google has stopped allowing downloads of its Web Accelerator, and the reason as they claim is because the service reached the maximum capacity of users, and they’re working to increase the number of users supported on this service.

I highly doubt that reason, as I’m sure Google has the hugest computing power on the Web because of its numerous demanding services and gigantic number of users, and surly a new service with a small adoption rate is not gonna put pressure on Google’s computing resources.

Whether the alleged reason is right or not, it’s a wise move because apparently the service has a number of bugs that demand instant attention and debugging, especially the one that resulted in users wrongly logging into other users accounts which allowed them to read their private messages and post as them.
The negative community Feedback also might have contributed to the decision, as the browsing time saved from using this service does not warrant the amount of data gathered about the user and the potential violation of privacy that might happen either accidentally by the mean of bugs or intentionally by using this data to extract certain info.

So this time might help Google further study this service and look at the Feedback the community provided and maybe work on improving this service like save more time, or provide less privacy-violating means used in this service, or at least provide some more assurances about the secrecy of gathered info.
Google has a great history in listening to Feedback and acting by it, and I believe in their abilities, so hopefully they’re gonna reach a settlement with the community.

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