Sunday, May 01, 2005

Google Ads to target (pollute) RSS

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) in undoubtley the best thing that occurred to Internet since its creation, and IMO we haven’t seen a bit of its full power, it literally holds the future of the internet, and it’s especially important for the huge number of blogs that you want to keep following.

And since the first days of its introduction a couple of years ago, companies rushed to support it and embrace it, and a whole firms was created to releases products dedicated to it like aggregators, and worth mentioning here is Yahoo as it was the first big player to fully embrace RSS and customize its services to support RSS, and just recently Yahoo delivers Web search results via RSS.

But Google… despite being the biggest portal on the web, it completely ignored RSS like it never existed and they haven’t put anything in RSS or supported it neither in their existing services nor new ones, at least they should’ve customized Google News to support RSS feeds which is less than a week’s work for one programmer.
Possible Reason IMO for Google’s behavior is the threat that RSS poses to the way Google make money (Ad Sense system).

What brought me to this subject in the first place?
A few days ago Google at last started to recognize it but with what? With targeting Ads for it!!!
I’m not against making money, especially for a company offering great services, but at least they should support the technology first before they utilize it for making money, but obviously they waited till they came up with working “Ads System” and then decided to acknowledge RSS.
But whether they’re intending to support it with REAL services is still unknown and only time will tell.
I know I’m going to be criticized for it but I’ll say it: I see Google is slowly turning from Search Engine Giant to Ads Giant.

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Blogger Omar said...

I sure hope not.. but then again, as long as I get the same quality of search results, I can care less how they make money or how much they make

5:15 AM  
Blogger Baher said...

Google in the past used to care more about customer desires, and they used to be the first with new services.
And the thing with ditching RSS because it might hurt their income is only the beginning.
Much has changed in Google since it turned IPO, but then again you can't blame them, I'm just dissapointed.

10:33 AM  

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