Monday, May 09, 2005

Google Web Accelerator Part III: Hidden Objectives

Where does Google Web Accelerator fit in Google plans? How is Google going to benefit from this new tool? From looking at the facts and with a bit of imagination I can summarize the benefits in two sections:
1- Another step in taking over the web
2- Priceless Data Mining Source

1- Another step in taking over the Web

Google Web Accelerator represents another service Google released that’s irrelevant to its Search nature, despite what a representative said that this tool is in-line with Google’s Mission to organize the world's information and make it accessible, because this tool speeds the Internet through interfering with the work of different things (Browser and ISP) and such thing has never been done before, not by a search Engine or any company else.

What most people don’t realize is that this new service is just another step in the direction Google heading that will result in conceiving a Google Web OS (or Platform) or what I like to call a "unified Web Portal" that will allow users to perform just about everything they might possibly want in the Internet from one interface that is Google.
Think about Google’s actions:

- Buying Picasa Company and then releasing Picasa 2.
- Hiring Ben Goodger, lead programmer of the Firefox Web browser.
- Hiring experts in negotiating deals and setting up fiber-optic networks.
- Updating Google Toolbar to contain AutoLink feature which sparked a lot of controversy.
- And now releasing Google Web Accelerator, in addition to lots and lots of other tools and services that were released under Google Labs for testing, mentioning them and discussing hidden objectives behind them requires a whole article.

It’s not very useful for Google (financially speaking) to release those incoherent services unless they plan to test them now and group them later in Web OS that transforms all your web experience into Google, those small pieces of services and tools will be joined, each specific service handles what it's good at, and most of them are definitly the best in their category, and then Google will make money from displaying Ads on the interface, those Ads will be accurately customized to suit your interests based on your Surfing habits, or possibly it will allow you to pay a monthly or annualy subscribtion fee for premium services or removal of Ads.

2- Priceless Data Mining Source
Also this new service will allow Google to obtain priceless info about the world's surfing habits beyond search, they'll be looking at what people are doing on the Internet, what they're reading, what they're buying, just imagine what Google can get from running endless analysis on that data.
This will grant Google a tremendous advantage in planning their future projects and moves, and this info if handled right (and I’m sure of that) will give Google the desired Edge over their competitors: Yahoo, MSN, and Ask Jeeves.

Marissa Mayer, Google's vice president of Web products said to Cnet that they don’t plan to do anything with the gathered data, but I highly doubt that
"To date, we're not doing anything with this data in terms of market research. We have no plans, but should that change we would aggressively notify our users and give them some escape hatch,"

The most obvious thing is that Google is moving ahead very quickly in different directions, and it’s competing in different grounds, and if you look at big picture of Google history and available services, you’ll realize how I am close to the truth in my speculation.

And it’s not only Google in the scene, but also Yahoo and MSN realized where internet is heading and they’re definitely preparing themselves and releasing services similar to what Google is doing, and sometimes even outdoing them in the case of Yahoo’s excellent move in buying Flickr with its huge community and tagging system.

What does the future hold for us? Nobody knows (Well except the guys at Google) but I tried here to speculate what might happen, but again I could be wrong and only time will tell.

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Blogger Omar said...

You bring up some valid points Baher. I agree with your speculation about data mining, that was a worry that was intially discussed when gmail first came out, since google scans every e-mail and places appropriate advertisement on that page.. data mining seems to be a theme for google

3:52 AM  
Blogger Baher said...

It's similar to Gmail in concept but a lot worse in result, with Gmail only the subjects of your E-mails were used, with this tool all your moves and actions in the web are recorded with its details.

12:55 PM  
Blogger Dina said...

Hi Baher!
Although this has nothing to do with this post but I just wanted to tell you that I have installed Firefox on my computer and
I love it! It was really quick to download and I was using it in no time, and I find that it actually sped up my internet connection, or am I just imagining that? Anyway I just wanted to tell you about it and thank you!

10:39 AM  
Blogger Baher said...

Welcome to the good side, Glad to know it worked for you.
AFAIK It does indeed speed up browsing by a small nearly unnoticable degree, but the most important thing is that with Firfox you can safely browse the internet without the fear of infecting your PC with Adware/Spyware/...
Do you know that you can import your IE favorites to Firefox? makes converting even easier.

1:42 PM  
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