Friday, May 20, 2005

Nvidia’s new GPU specs leaked.

Looks like information is circling the web right now concerning nVidia’s upcoming GPU codenamed G70 (formerly called NV50), and according to different sources it will be officially called GeForce 7800 GTX, seems like the right name.

According to the Inquirer, it’s going to be very similar to PS3 GPU but of course without the 10MB embedded DRAM Cache memory which is very useful in the Console to supply enough buffer to render HDTV quality frames (with AA), and HDTV displays are rare among PC users so adding this costly Buffer memory is unnecessary.

But AFAIK PS3 GPU won’t have Embedded DRAM on it like Xbox 360 GPU, unless Fuad knows something nobody knows and that’s unlikely considering Fuad’s history.

Also the Inquirer suggests that it will be 90 nanometer solution, but I highly doubt that because 90 nanometer manufacturing process isn’t supposed to be mature enough for High-End High-Volume manufacturing, so probably they’ll use the already tested 110 nanometer process which is IMHO more reliable and can be clocked high enough (look at 6600GT), but again they might surprise us like what they did with GeForce FX.

Here’s the Full Specs taken from multiple sources, so probably 80% of them will apply.

# 256-bit Memory Interface

# 24 Pixel Pipelines
# 8 Vertex Pipelines
# 38.4GB/sec mem bandwidth
# 10.32 billion pixels/sec fill rate
# 860 Vertices/sec (million)
# Core clock- 430MHz
# 260 Million Transistor
# Shader Model 3.0 Support
# CineFX 4.0 engine
# Intellisample 4.0 technology (improved AA and AF)
# PureVideo Technology (Enhances the output of Video playback, requires Drivers Support and Software Support)
# OpenGL 2.0
# SLI Support
# Probably 256 – 512MB versions will be available
# under clocked RAM @ 750MHz from 256-bit 800MHz GDDR 3 Ram
# RAMDACs 400
# Single card requires min. 400W PSU with 12V rating of 26A
# SLI configuration requires min. 500W PSU with 12V rating of 34A

Apparently those cards require insane amount of power requirement, because not any 400W can do 26A on 12V rail it requires quality PSUs from known brands like Vantec or Thermaltek.

I wonder what the cooling solution will look like; I hope they don’t go for a dust buster like GeForce FX 5800 back then.

It will certainly be available as PCI-Express solution only, with an AGP one coming 2-3 months later, so 90% of the market (including me) will have to wait.

Sources say that this GPU is 1-2 months away, so we’ll have to wait and see.

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