Saturday, June 25, 2005

RSS turning point

You may be surprised to read that, as RSS had been there for years, but yesterday marks a great day in the history of RSS and the Internet as a whole, it’s the day Microsoft acknowledged RSS and announced widespread support to RSS.

It includes:
1- Full RSS Support in upcoming Internet Explorer 7.
2- RSS Support in its upcoming OS Longhorn.
3- Adding new Extensions to RSS to support listing among other things.

The announcement came from Dean Hachomovitch, general manager of Microsoft's Internet Explorer team, and took place yesterday in Gnomedex 2005 technology conference in the US city of Seattle.

According to him, Microsoft has decided that subscribing via RSS, will become the third leg of its information-access triangle, Browsing – Searching – RSS Subscribing.

I felt that Microsoft had a thing for RSS from the day they announced XML file formats for upcoming Office, I knew that they had yet unknown uses for RSS.

A few years later expect that RSS will no longer be just a way to subscribe to Blogs or Podcasts, it’ll be an integrated part of user experience from browsing to Email to Document creation and even co-editing, it’ll be more of a way to handle and present information on a global scale with things we can never yet imagine.

Microsoft is THE Mass-Market company, and it’s the only company that can take RSS to the masses, RSS supporters and enthusiasts can rest now as Microsoft is more than capable of taking RSS to the next level.

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