Thursday, May 26, 2005

Google caught Lying, Updated

Everybody now knows about Google’s newest service Homepage Personalization that got released a week ago, and soon after the service got released, everybody discussed and talked about this new move from Google, and how with this service Google is directly competing with other portal services like Yahoo and MSN, then came an official denial from Google CEO Eric Shimdt:
“Google is focused on search and is not a Web "portal." A Web portal is a site which offers a range of personalized services on one page”

Is he serious? Does he expect us to believe him? Of course not, even if the new service is not named My Google (not to compete with My Yahoo), it still count as one.

And this is not only my opinion, but apparently some other Google senior Employees agrees with me on this, as Marissa Mayers Director of Consumer Web Products said that in a recent post in her unofficial (BETA) blog:
Update: It seems like I've been fooled, apparntley this blog is not real just a spoof and made for fun, but that doesn't mean that Eric is right, nonetheless I'll leave my post as it is just for fun.

“Fusion is a very exciting new concept from Company X - it's a sort of way of accessing all sorts of different things from one page, sort of like a doorway page, or a gateway page, but we don't want to call it one of those.
Fusion actually means "the merging of different substances into a union" or "the change of a substance from the liquid to the solid state" - this is what we're trying to achieve - making the interweb a pre-defined structure where everything worth seeing is merged into one place and we provide the way to see it via Company X.”

I think it’s obvious that the above is a definition of Web Portal, even if she didn’t blatantly say so, and to make things more obvious she finished her post with this:

“Well I hope you all enjoy using MyFusion, if any of you have suggestions as to what else we could add to the page be sure to let us know*.”

My Fusion = My Google, need I say more?

I don’t know if Eric is aware of this post, but I doubt that, and it’s not Marissa’s fault to talk about company’s secrets, it’s Eric fault in the first place to deny such an obvious thing and insult the intelligence of everyone.

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