Monday, June 06, 2005

Cleaning my virtual world

It’s been quite some time (4 months) since I last cleaned my system, today I didn’t have much work to do and my system’s state was completely unbearable, so I decided to dedicate this day to the feared horrible task of cleaning all my system and it contained of the following tasks:

-Cleaning my inbox and deleting old and useless E-mails: It was the longest most boring task ever, but I managed to shorten the number of E-mails from 600+ to an amazing 145, so it was certainly worth the effort.

-Uninstalling unnecessary and old Programs and Games: my 160GB Hard disk was nearly full, so I had to get rid of some of the old games and I managed to free about 20 GB.

-Cleaning and archiving my Bookmarks (Favorites for IE users): Due to my horrible memory I got used to the habit of adding all the interesting sites to my Bookmarks list, and although I always made sure to categorize them in the suitable folders, some 100 sites were left in the main directory without classification, so today I went through all of them, deleting the unnecessary ones and categorizing the important, and thus spending a long time Online.

-Cleaning my desktop and other folders: This morning you could barley see the wallpaper from all the scattered downloads, folders, and shortcuts, so it was very necessary that I delete some of them and categorize the rest.

I haven’t finished this task yet but it got me very bored and decided to take some time off, check what’s up online and write this post.

The initial result from the cleaning is amazing and very satisfactory, and it made me regret that I didn’t perform it earlier, now everything is clear, organized, neat and now I can find everything more easily, overall it made me feel very happy, and increased my productivity.

I’ll make sure to do this maintenance every week from now on, to keep things from piling up.


Blogger Hasan Bazerbashi said...

Heh good job :)

Things helps to make your computer more efficient:

1- Google Desktop :)
2- System Mechanic (it's a program)
3- Always orginize stuff in your computer under certain categories.

... dunno what more now :P

Cya ;)

9:13 PM  
Blogger Sinan said...

wow congracts man I know how can that be long and exhausting, :S I have 350 gb to organize the lst time I think they were like 6 months ago.. I am so afraid to begin..

10:07 PM  
Blogger Baher said...

hasan: thanks for the tips, I'm a hardcore gamer so i always make sure to make my pc perfrom the best way it can, through lots of programs (not system mechanic though IMO its weak).
And I'm always categorizing my stuff, so that i can easily access them when i need them.

Sinan: you better begin now, the longer you wait the harder it will get.

11:32 PM  

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