Friday, April 01, 2005

My First Entry

This is my first blog, so I’ll start it by talking about blogging in general and why I finally chose to add my thoughts to the blogosphere

The first thing that drew my attention to blogging was the incident of Mark Jen blog after he started his work in Google and how he then was forced out of it because of what he stated in his blog and turned out to be disclosed information (for detailed Story read here), this proves how powerful blogging was and how it moved from being Online personal Journal to a form of Media that has its influence and consequences.

And my reasons in joining the blogosphere can be summarized in these points:

1- Its one of the hottest issues in the Internet, and I don’t want to be left out of it.

2- Its about time I start to write and document my thoughts and notes on everything that occurs to me, as I have bad memory and I forget things very fast, so blogging will allow me to document my ideas and thoughts so that I can access them anytime I want when the need arises.

3- Sharing my ideas and thoughts with friends and other readers, and getting Feedback on my writings.

That’s it for now; maybe someday I can talk on the blogging issue in detail.


Blogger markjen said...

Rather belated, but welcome to the blogosphere!

8:11 PM  
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